Canada Greener Homes Grant Program

Since May, 2021, the Canada Greener Homes Grant Program provides financial assistance for homeowners who are renovating their homes to make them both more energy efficient and more comfortable.

In Québec, homeowners will have to register for the Rénoclimat program in order to benefit from this grant.

  • The Canada Greener Homes Grant is open to owners of an eligible primary residence.
  • The offered amount can be up to $5,000 and can be used, for example, for some heating and cooling system retrofits, envelope measures such as windows and insulation and some renewable energy measures.

Once your participation in the Rénoclimat program is complete and financial assistance has been granted, your file is automatically transferred to the Canada Greener Homes Grant team. They will contact you to confirm your eligibility for the federal program and inform you of the amount of financial assistance you may be entitled to.

Important notice – Check your emails from Natural Resources Canada

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) may have attempted to contact you by email to confirm your eligibility for the grant. Please check your inbox or spam emails to see if NRCan has sent you an email in order to quickly forward the documents needed to process the application.

For documents requested by NRCan and the process for finalizing the application, visit the Natural Resources Canada website.

Please note that if you have already responded to NRCan’s request, you do not need to do anything more.

Homeowners registered to the Canada Greener Homes Grant program

Participants who have completed their work and wish to receive information on the processing of their file at the Canada Greener Homes Grant program should contact or call 1 833 674-8282.

The processing times of your file by Natural Resources Canada and the tracking of CGHG financial assistance are beyond the control of the Rénoclimat program management. Any inquiries on this matter will be directed to Natural Resources Canada.

Canada Greener Homes Loan

Owners of an eligible primary residence for the Canada Greener Homes Grant and who wish to make major renovations to their homes may be eligible for an interest-free loan of up to $40,000 through the Canada Greener Homes Loan to finance these renovations.

Owners have to begin their application before starting renovations.

For more information, visit the program’s webpage or begin your application.

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