Following his first visit, the energy efficiency advisor will send you your home's  evaluation report.

Take the time to read it carefully! It is a useful tool that can guide you in your renovation work. They’ll help you make decisions about your home upgrades and improvements.

The Evaluation Report

After the energy efficiency advisor’s first visit, you’ll receive the evaluation report on your home. Take the time to review it: this document will guide you when you make your upgrades or improvements and might also serve as a discussion tool if you need to contact a contractor. 

The evaluation report covers all aspects of a home that relate to energy efficiency: insulation, airtightness, the performance of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, and the energy consumption habits of the occupants. 

It shows you where to make improvements and possible ways to save energy in your home. 

The evaluation report includes:

  • A personalized action plan; 
  • Information on your contribution to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions;
  • Heat loss estimates;
  • Health and safety information;
  • Energy saving tips.

Some of these recommendations will be eligible for financial assistance under the Rénoclimat program. Check out the eligible work and corresponding financial assistance available when planning your renovation upgrades. 

Looking for more renovation advice? Consult our Helpful Advice section and discuss your projects with your advisor.

The EnerGuide Label

The EnerGuide label was improved in 2019 to reflect the changes made to the EnerGuide Rating System.

The new version of the label enables you, among other things, to better understand your energy consumption, compare the energy performance of your home with the performance of a new home similar to yours, see the breakdown of your energy consumption and even view your impact on the environment resulting from the amount of greenhouse gas emissions your home produces.

You can consult the details of the new EnerGuide label or the information on the EnerGuide Rating page.

The Homeowner Information Sheet

After each evaluation of your home, you’ll receive a homeowner information sheet. In addition to giving you information about the rating calculation, greenhouse gas emissions, the energy breakdown, and areas where heat loss occurs, the homeowner information sheet provides a full range of details about your home.

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