New - The Rénoclimat program allows access to the federal government’s Canada Greener Homes Grant. Read the news.​​​​​​​

Choose energy efficiency and renovate your home with assistance from the Rénoclimat program.

Is your heating bill too high? Are your floors cold and do you feel drafts? Rénoclimat can guide you in your home renovation projects to improve your home’s energy performance.

  • Receive personalized advice on how to improve the energy efficiency of your home from a Rénoclimat advisor during a free home visit
  • Reduce your energy consumption over the long term while improving your comfort at home
  • Receive financial assistance

You can be eligible for financial assistance under the Rénoclimat program if you are:

  • carrying out insulation work;
  • carrying out work affecting your home’s air tightness;
  • replacing doors and windows;
  • installing or replacing mechanical systems (ventilation system, water heater, heat pump, geothermal heating system).

Just want to install or replace your heat pump, with no other work?

Financial assistance is also available from Hydro-Québec if you want to carry out this type of work only. Make sure that you choose the best program for you!

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  • Register for the Rénoclimat program BEFORE beginning your renovation project so that an advisor can visit your home.
  • In the Rénoclimat program, there are approved organizations in every region of Quebec that can provide information about the program as well as energy evaluation services.
  • Consult the list of approved organizations and contact them with your questions about improving your home’s energy efficiency, the Rénoclimat program, making an energy evaluation appointment or your file after you have registered.

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What's new?

Canada Greener Homes Grant

On May 27, 2021, the federal government unveiled the details of the Canada Greener Homes Grant, providing financial assistance for homeowners who are renovating their homes to make them both more energy efficient and more comfortable.

In Québec, homeowners will have to register for the Rénoclimat program in order to benefit from this grant. The financial assistance provided by the Rénoclimat program will be adjusted for each participant based on the work done and the amount offered by the federal program. The two amounts of financial assistance are not cumulative for the same measure.

Participants in the Rénoclimat program who received an evaluation prior to the announcement may be eligible to apply for the federal grant for eligible work completed since December 1, 2020. Eligible participants will be contacted by Service Canada to receive instructions on how to get the grant.

What Greener Homes offers

The Canada Greener Homes Grant is open to owners of an eligible primary residence. The offered amount can be up to $5,000 and can be used, for example, for some heating and cooling system retrofits, envelope measures such as windows and insulation and some renewable energy measures.

For details about the federal program, please visit the Greener Homes website.

COVID-19 — Home visits

Energy evaluations conducted by Rénoclimat advisors during home visits are gradually resuming.

  • The authorized organization in your region will contact you to schedule a home visit.
  • Appointment applications received during the suspension period will be processed in order of receipt.
  • Appointment applications received from April 1 onwards will be processed after those already on hold.

In all cases, longer delays are to be expected before getting an appointment, as there is a high number of pending applications in all regions.

Health instructions for visits

It is essential to continue to follow the various health instructions to limit the risks associated with the spread of the virus.

Eligible heat pumps: what’s new since January 1, 2021

The heat pump selected must appear on the list of eligible models at the time of installation.

The financial assistance varies mainly according to the installed system’s heating output; the installation and performance criteria has also changed. To learn more

Unsolicited phone calls - Remain vigilant! 

We wish to remind you that we do not engage in telephone solicitation or door-to-door campaigns to promote government energy efficiency programs.

If you believe that you are a victim of fraudulent solicitation, consult the frequently asked questions about this subject and find out what you can do about it.

October 2019 - The new EnerGuide Rating System

As of October 1, 2019, the homes of first-time homeowners registered for the Rénoclimat program are evaluated using the latest Natural Resources Canada EnerGuide Rating System (ERS - Standard Version 15).

Check out the EnerGuide page for more information

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