To qualify for the Rénoclimat program, you must apply for an energy evaluation of your home before undertaking any work, then complete the renovations and ask for a post-work energy evaluation.

You may receive financial assistance under the Rénoclimat program if the work improves the energy efficiency of your home and if you meet the program conditions.

Five steps to follow

To apply to the Rénoclimat program, you should take the following five steps.

Step 1 

Before undertaking any work, call us at 1-866-266-0008 to register.

You can also register by filling in the web application form. Please note that the form is only available in French.


When your application is received, a Rénoclimat energy advisor authorized in your region will contact you to agree on the date and time of your first appointment.


All of the energy evaluations offered by the program Rénoclimat are free.

Step 2

A Rénoclimat energy advisor will come to your home to carry out a pre-work energy evaluation of your home. Discuss your energy efficiency renovation plans with the advisor.


Your advisor will calculate the EnerGuide rating of your home and send you an evaluation report containing energy efficiency recommendations.

Step 3

Carry out the energy renovations yourself or hire someone to carry them out for you. Use the recommendations listed in the evaluation report to guide you through the work.

Step 4

Once you have completed the renovation work, contact your advisor again or call 1-866-266-0008 to obtain the post-work energy evaluation of your home.


You can also obtain the post-work energy evaluation by filling in the web application form. Please note that the form is only available in French.


The Rénoclimat advisor will come to your home to assess the improvements and calculate its new EnerGuide rating.

Step 5

If you are eligible, and if you have provided your social insurance number (SIN) or Québec enterprise number (QEN), your cheque for Rénoclimat financial assistance will be mailed to you 10 to 12 weeks after the post-work evaluation of your home.

Steps to follow when participating for a second or third time.

You may obtain assistance from the Rénoclimat program more than once for the same home. However, you must carry out different work each time you participate. Please see the steps for subsequent participation in the program.

Deadline that must be met

There is no specific deadline that must be met between the two pre-work and post-work energy evaluations to remain eligible for financial assistance. You can take the time you need to carry out the work and decide when it is the right time for you to request the post-work energy evaluation for your home.

Once this evaluation is done, the financial assistance to which you are entitled will be mailed to you.

The financial assistance granted to eligible participants who began to participate in the program before May 11, 2020 will be evaluated by TEQ when the post-work or subsequent energy evaluation is done.

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