To qualify for the Rénoclimat program, you must  obtain an energy assessment of your home before undertaking any retrofits, then complete the renovations and  request a post-retrofit energy evaluation.

You may be eligible for financial assistance from Rénoclimat if your retrofits have improved the energy efficiency of your home and if you have met the program’s eligibility criteria.

Ten steps to follow

To apply for a grant from the Rénoclimat program, here are the steps to follow:

Use My journey in the Rénoclimat Program (in French only) to follow your progression in the program.


Step 1:

Schedule an appointment for a pre-retrofit energy evaluation 

Before undertaking any retrofits, call us at 1-866-266-0008 or fill out our online form to request an appointment. (Please note that the form is only available in French).


You should get an appointment within 3 weeks of your request.


When the energy advisor calls you to schedule an appointment, they will verify certain information about your home with you to ensure your eligibility for the Rénoclimat program.

Step 2:

Pre-retrofit energy evaluation

A Rénoclimat energy advisor will come to your home for the pre-retrofit energy evaluation of your home. During the home assessment, take the time to accompany the energy advisor to discuss your energy efficiency renovation plans with  them.
If you need a loan to finance your project, plan to apply to the Canada Greener Homes Loan program  before starting your home renovations.


The pre-retrofit energy evaluation is currently free.


At some point during the current year, homeowners will have to pay a fee of $150, plus applicable taxes, to the energy advisor during the home assessment. The fee for the pre-retrofit energy evaluation will be reimbursed if you are eligible for financial assistance upon the completion of your project. Therefore, your pre-retrofit energy evaluation will have only cost $22.46. The effective date of the service fees will be communicated later.


Step 3:

Diagnosis and recommendations

You should receive your renovation upgrade report within 2 weeks following your home assessment. 


Take the time to review your renovation upgrade report; when you plan your renovation project, it will help you prioritize the upgrades that will reduce your home’s energy consumption. Consult the webpage dedicated to the renovation upgrade report to help you better understand its content, or ask your energy advisor for guidance and details about the recommended upgrades in your report.

Step  4:

Renovate your home

Renovate your home or hire someone to renovate it for you.  

Refer to the Rénoclimat Applicant’s Guide to ensure that your retrofits meet the program’s eligibility conditions. Remember, the retrofits must improve the energy efficiency of your home. The energy rating indicated in your renovation upgrade report must have improved for your retrofits to qualify for a grant.


Some minor retrofits, such as replacing or installing a heat recovery ventilator, or replacing a single window, may not be sufficient to improve the energy rating of your home.


Aside from the program’s end date indicated in the Normative Framework, there is no deadline to complete your retrofits.


Step  5:

Schedule an appointment for a post-retrofit energy evaluation

Make sure to complete your retrofits so that the building envelope is in a suitable condition to undergo the blower door test before scheduling an appointment. Also, ensure to gather all invoices and photos related to the work. If you have installed doors and windows, be sure to keep the manufacturer's labels as well.


Once you have completed your renovations, contact the service organization or call 1-866-266-0008 to schedule an appointment for a post-retrofit energy evaluation.
You can also request the post-retrofit energy evaluation by filling out the online form (available in French only). 


Once your request for an appointment has been received, a Rénoclimat advisor will contact you to schedule the post-retrofit energy evaluation.


You should get an appointment within 3 weeks of your request. 


Step 6:

Post-retrofit energy evaluation 

An energy advisor will visit your home to conduct a post-retrofit energy evaluation.


The advisor will note the retrofits that have been completed since the previous assessment and perform a new blower door test. These measurements will allow them to calculate the impact of the retrofits on your home's energy consumption. A new EnerGuide rating will then be determined.


There is no fee for the first post-retrofit energy evaluation.


Step 7:

Improvement assessment


You will receive an update to your homeowner information sheet and your EnerGuide label within 2 weeks following the post-retrofit energy evaluation.


The homeowner information sheet you will receive contains details of your home's energy consumption following the retrofits. The EnerGuide rating listed on the homeowner information sheet must have improved for the retrofits to be eligible for financial assistance from Rénoclimat.


Step 8:

File analysis


The measurements taken by the energy advisor during the post-retrofit visit must be transmitted to the Rénoclimat team to confirm that your file meets the program's eligibility conditions. If so, the grant you are entitled to will be calculated. You will receive updates on the progress of your file.


Remember to provide the Social Insurance Number (SIN) of the main homeowner so that the grant can be paid to them.


The analysis process of your file should be completed within 8 to 10 weeks after the date of your post-retrofit energy evaluation.


Step 9:

Receive your Rénoclimat grant


If your file meets the eligibility conditions of the program and you have provided your SIN (or the Québec Enterprise Number (NEQ), if applicable), your Rénoclimat grant check will be sent to you by mail.


Allow 2 weeks of processing time by Canada Post.


Step 10:

(optional step)

Subsequent participation

You can participate in the program again if you wish to continue your efforts in energy efficiency.


However, you will need to undertake different retrofits and improve your EnerGuide rating with each participation. Refer to the procedure for subsequent participation in the program.

Steps to follow when participating for a second or third time.

You may participate in the Rénoclimat program more than once for the same home. However, you must carry out different retrofits each time you participate. Please see the steps for subsequent participations in the program.

No time limit

There is no specific deadline that must be met between the pre-retrofit and post-retrofit energy evaluations to remain eligible for financial assistance. You can take the time you need to renovate your home and decide when it is the right time for you to request the post-retrofit energy evaluation.

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