If the work you are planning to carry out is part of this list, you will not receive financial assistance under the Rénoclimat program for these renovations. 

Here are examples of work that are not eligible under the Rénoclimat program:

  • the installation of electronic thermostats in various rooms of the home;
  • the installation of a central electronic thermostat;
  • the replacement of air conditioning units;
  • heat pump repairs;
  • the application of water conservation measures;
  • extensions;
  • any other measure that does not improve the energy efficiency of a home.

Extension work

If you are planning to improve your home’s efficiency and will take advantage of the process to add a room or storey or to redo the foundation, please be aware that the extended portion of the home will not be included in the financial assistance calculation.

The Rénoclimat program compares the home before and after the work in order to calculate financial assistance. Any extension work (that alters the conditions of the original envelope) carried out between the two visits is excluded from the calculation. This is specified on page 5 of the Rénoclimat program normative framework.

For example, if the home initially stands on a crawl space of 4’ 8” before the work, and has an 8’ basement after the work, this will constitute an extension. The extended portion (40%) does not qualify for financial assistance, and the amounts will be calculated only for the qualifying 60% portion.

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