The mission of Transition énergétique Québec is to support, encourage, promote and ensure integrated stewardship of energy transition, innovation and efficiency. TEQ also coordinates the implementation of all the programs and measures required to meet and monitor the energy targets set out by the Government of Québec.

As part of its mission, TEQ draws up the energy transition, innovation and efficiency master plan with the aim of achieving sustainable, responsible economic development.

The master plan, prepared once every five years, covers the programs and measures to be implemented by government departments, agencies and energy distributors in order to achieve the energy targets established by the Government.

Programs and services

Transition énergétique Québec is responsible for administering a number of energy conversion and energy efficiency programs intended for the general public, companies, organizations and institutions. You will find the complete list of its programs and services in the section entitled Documents diffusés systématiquement(on the French website only), or you may consult the website’s different sections for detailed information on the conditions applicable to each program.

TEQ also provides results indicators for its various programs, including number of participants, GHG emission reduction calculations, energy savings and financial assistance granted since the programs were created.

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