Sustainable mobility

Sustainable mobility means choosing to travel differently, while reducing the environmental impact of your travels.

In practical terms, this can include:

  • Replacing the use of self-driving with public transit, active transportation or carsharing, daily or as often as possible;
  • Reducing the distance between home and work or favour telework;
  • Optimizing travel or organizing daily activities differently;
  • Choosing a cleaner vehicle or electric vehicle.

For more information on sustainable mobility, refer to these useful references below.

There you will find testimonials from people who have chosen to transform their travels and tips for making choices and doing your part.

These initiatives were developed with the support of the gouvernement du Québec.

TV show "Ma vie sans mon auto"

In collaboration with Accès Transport viable, Ma vie sans mon auto [My Life Without a Car, in French only] is a series featuring four households that decided not to use their cars for two months.

Through the episodes, we discover their challenges, their solutions, and their assessment of the experience. A practical, hands-on journey to learn more about alternatives to solo driving.

Webseries "Point tournant"

Produced by the Accès transports viables organization and released by Unpointcinq, the Point tournant webseries (in French only) offers solutions to tackle the challenges of sustainable mobility and land-use planning in the context of the fight against climate change.

The themes covered in the six episodes are: 

  • the evolution of transportation over time; 
  • how to balance suburban living and sustainable mobility; 
  • ways to make cities more inclusive and user-friendly
  • transportation myths; 
  • the practical implications of sustainable mobility for land-use planning;
  • future trends to reduce the carbon footprint of our transportation.

Campaign "Running Electric"

Powered by Équiterre, Running Electric introduces you to the benefits of driving an electric vehicle and provides you with all the information you need to make an informed choice about a rechargeable vehicle adapted to your needs and lifestyle. Take advantage of the many tools available to you, including guides, vehicle catalogues, webinars, videos, columns, and savings calculators.

Take advantage of the many tools available to you, including guides, vehicle catalogues, webinars, videos, columns, and savings calculators.

Brochure – Choose a Plug-in Vehicle that Meets your Needs

This brochure contains a wealth of information on the models of rechargeable vehicles available in Québec, evaluations of transportation-related costs, charging options, and much more.

Campaign "Réduire notre empreinte"

Neighbourhood, home, travel… the Réduire notre empreinte campaign (in French only) helps you make informed choices for yourself and the climate.

Highlighting the climate weight of our everyday choices and their impact on the planet’s quality of life and future, this initiative proposes 10 choices (in French only) to prioritize in order to make a real difference.

Energy sobriety, efficiency and conversion are all topics covered in this campaign, which aims to inform and raise awareness of the impact of decisions on the personal energy footprint.

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