You have...

  • respected the eligibility process and conditions of the Rénoclimat program;
  • carried out the eligible work and received your post-work evaluation;
  • and submitted your social insurance number (SIN) or your Québec enterprise number (NEQ) to Rénoclimat customer service. 

Then there are no other steps for you to follow! 

Your cheque for Rénoclimat financial assistance will be mailed to you generally 8 to 10 weeks after the post-work evaluation of your home.

If the completed work does not improve you EnerGuide rating or is not eligible for a financial assistance, you should receive a letter explaining the reasons within the same delay.

Frequently asked question

Why do have I to give my SIN or Québec enterprise number?

The Ministry must produce RL-27 slips (Relevé 27 - Paiements du gouvernement) for the recipients of financial assistance granted under its programs and requires this number to issue the slips.

Generally speaking:

  • If you received financial assistance for personal purposes, the amount of the assistance is not taxable and you do not have to take the RL-27 slip into account on your income tax return;
  • If you received financial assistance for business, organization or property operations purposes, the amount of the financial assistance must be deducted from the capital cost of the acquired property to calculate the capital cost allowance.

Should you require additional information regarding the tax treatment of RL-27 slips, please contact Revenu Québec directly.

Tracking your application

Applications are generally processed within 8 or 10 weeks.

Various factors can have an impact on the processing time, including:

  • missing data;
  • additionnal verifications;
  • quality control;
  • incorrect social insurance number 
  • high volume of applications

Please retain all proof of your work (invoices, photos, etc.). Rénoclimat's team might request them after the energy advisor’s visit.

Even if there is an unusual delay in processing your file, rest assured that you will receive the financial assistance to which you are entitled.

For information on the status of your application, you can contact us. Be sure to indicate your Rénoclimat file number. You will find in your evaluation report. 

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