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Energy Transition Master Plan

The Québec 2018-2023 energy transition, innovation and efficiency Master Plan was prepared in cooperation with various stakeholders and drew on recognized best practices to meet the government’s expectations. It is based on a careful examination of the issues faced by those societies already in the midst of the energy transition as well as an in-depth analysis of the situation in Québec.

Targets for 2023

  • Improve the average energy efficiency of Québec society by 1% per year
  • Reduce total petroleum product consumption by at least 5% compared to the 2013 level

To achieve this, it will take…

  • A collective effort by all actors
  • 225 measures over five years
  • More than $6 billion in investments
  • 15 roadmaps to reach the objectives by 2030

General guidelines for action until 2030

  • Recognize energy efficiency as a priority energy source
  • Reduce Québec’s dependence on petroleum products
  • Provide strong support for innovation in the energy sector
  • Develop the full potential of renewable energies
  • Strengthen the governance and accountability of the government
  • Support economic development

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Effective features of the master plan

  • Flexible, impactful regulation
  • Leveraged, diversified funding
  • Support for innovation, development and knowledge sharing
  • Actions to raise awareness, promote and educate
  • A structured and improved range of services
  • Stronger governance and vision

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