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The installation of a heat pump might be eligible for financial assistance fromvarious programs. Consult the page Eligible heat pumps for financial assistance to find out more.

More information on heat pumps is also available in the Helpful advice / Heat pumps section.

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  • I installed a heat pump less than six months ago. Which grant is available to me?

    Hydro-Québec’s LogisVert Efficient Homes Program allows you to obtain funding for the installation or replacement of an eligible heat pump if you meet all of their eligibility criteria.

    If you register for the Renoclimat program< after May 1, 2024, the installation or replacement of a heat pump will not be eligible for financial assistance. The Gouvernement du Québec will keep supporting homeowners who wish to reduce their energy consumption through Hydro-Québec’s LogisVert Efficient Homes program, which offer generous grants for the installation of a heat pump.

    Attention: For the same heat pump installation, you cannot get financial assistance from both Hydro-Québec’s Efficient Heat Pump program and another governmental program, such as Rénoclimat.

  • Will I be eligible for financial assistance if I replace only one indoor or one outdoor unit?

    No. You must install a complete new system for each housing unit.

  • Why can a heat pump be removed from the list?

    The most common reason is when a manufacturer stops production of a specific model of heat pump.

  • I am a heat pump manufacturer. How can I add a model to the list?

    To consult all the performance criteria of the models, go to transitionenergetique.gouv.qc.ca/thermopompe.

    The list of eligible heat pumps eligible for financial assistance is based on criteria pertaining to their installation and performance, including the following:

    • Mini-split, air-air heat pumps are not eligible.
    • Mini-split, air-air heat pumps “with ducts” are now eligible.
    • The installation of at least one indoor unit per floor is no longer required. 
    • The minimum output of 12,000 BTU/h at +8 °C is no longer required.
    • ENERGY STAR® certification is no longer required. However, the system must be NEEP certified.
  • If I install two small heat pumps will I receive two financial assistance grants?

    Yes. If two complete systems are installed and if they are on the list of eligible heat pumps, complete financial assistance will be paid for each complete system. 

  • What is a low temperature heat pump?

    A low temperature heat pump (also known as a "cold climate" heat pump) can heat a home even when the outside temperature is very low. It is an excellent heating solution that is perfectly suited to Quebec's wintry climate.

    Like other heat pumps, a low temperature heat pump also provides air conditioning for the home.

  • What is the benefit of a low temperature heat pump?

    Standard heat pump models are unable to meet your heating needs in extremely cold weather and another heating system (such as an electric system) has to take over. Just like its name says, a low temperature heat pump can heat a home even when the outside temperature is very low. It is a heating solution that is perfectly suited to Quebec's climate.

  • How important is the sizing of the heat pump?

    To maximize your heat pump’s performance, make sure that it is properly sized, or in other words, powerful enough to meet your heating needs. Although merchants tend to suggest an ideal sizing for summer weather, it is essential that you choose a model with a larger sizing that can heat your space in winter.

  • What are the eligible heat pumps?

    The models of heat pumps and eligibility criteria of the federal program differ from those of Rénoclimat and Novoclimat.

    Make sure to select a system that is on one of the eligible heat pumps lists, and that it meets all of the criteria of the program you have selected.

    Important: Since February 19, 2024, the federal government’s Canada Greener Homes Grant is no longer accepting new applicants.

    Important: Starting May 1, 2024, the Rénoclimat program will no longer offer financial assistance to new applicants for heating systems. However, a transition phase will be implemented for applicants who joined the program before May 1, 2024; they will have until September 30, 2024 to complete both the installation of their heating system and the post-retrofit energy evaluation in order to get the grant available in the current offerings.

    Important: Since March 1, 2024, the Novoclimat program no longer offers financial assistance for the installation of air-source heat pumps to new applicants.

  • What is the significance of the heating output in BTUs at -8°C?

    This is the heating output that a heat pump is able to deliver when the outdoor temperature is -8°C. This output is measured for each heat pump model using a standardized test and the test results are published in the AHRI directory.

  • How do I determine the best sizing for my home?

    You should take several variables into consideration, such as:

    • the surface area and volume of the house;
    • the configuration and orientation of the house;
    • the geographical location;
    • the type of construction;
    • the degree of insulation and air tightness; the dimensions, type and orientation of the windows.

    To properly calculate your heating needs, ask a heating profession who is accredited by the Corporation des maîtres mécaniciens en tuyauterie du Québec (CMMTQ). We suggest that you contact more than one professional to check and confirm the answers you receive.

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