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Discover the temporary measures added to the Novoclimat Program throught December 31, 2020.

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  • How do I receive financial assistance for installing a heat pump?

    Financial assistance for installing a heat pump in a new Novoclimat certified home will be automatically added to the amount initially paid in the program. No additional steps are required.

  • How much financial assistance is offered for installing a heat pump?

    For Novoclimat certified homes and small multiple-unit buildings, $650 is the amount offered per house or per unit for installing an ENERGY STAR® certified heat pump.

    Until December 31, 2020, as an exception, an additional $1,000 of financial assistance will be granted for installing a recognized low temperature heat pump. To qualify for this additional assistance, the heat pump model must appear on the list of authorized models.

  • Which heat pump models are eligible for the additional $1,000 of assistance from the Novoclimat program?

    To be eligible for the additional $1,000 of financial assistance in effect until December 31, 2020, the low temperature heat pump model must appear on the list of authorized models provided by TEQ.

    This list applies to the Rénoclimat, Chauffez vert and Novoclimat programs.

  • My house was finished many weeks ago but I still have not received my Novoclimat Certificate. Is this normal?

    The Novoclimat certificate is issued when all the requirements and procedures of the program have been completed and respected by the Novoclimat-certified builder.

    The builder receives the documents approximately 4 weeks after the project has been certified. The builder is then required to present them to the homeowner.
    Do not hesitate to call your builder to discuss this matter.

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