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  • How to calculate the operation costs of a window-mounted air conditioner?

    The following factors must be taken into consideration when calculating the consumption of your air conditioner:

    • output of your unit (generally in tons or in BTU/h);
    • performance of your unit (see EER (energy efficiency ratio) on the Energuide label of your unit);
    • use (number hours/day and number of days/year);
    • temperature setting;
    • weather conditions of your region;
    • your electricity rate;
    • etc.

    Here are some tools to help you calculate the consumption of your air conditioner:


    Office of Energy Efficiency, Natural Resources Canada

  • Should I use a central air conditioner or a heat pump?

    You would like to cool your home but are hesitating between these two systems. Start by evaluating your heating needs!

    A central air conditioner will only cool your home while a heat pump will air condition your home in summer and be used effectively to meet some of your heating needs. Thus, if you plan to replace or convert your current heating system, it would be profitable to consider buying a heat pump.

    Before you reach a decision, take the time to evaluate and compare the advantages, savings and costs of these two options.

    We would like to remind you that a high efficiency appliance that is ENERGY STAR® certified and features the output capacity that is suitable for you will help you save energy.

  • What type of air conditioner should I choose?

    Before you buy an air conditioner, take the time to evaluate your needs and check… if you really need air conditioning!

    Air conditioning leads to significant electricity consumption on hot summer days. Do not hesitate to consider other methods to keep your home cool before deciding to air condition your home.

    Would your comfort requirements be satisfied by installing air conditioning in one or two rooms? An air conditioning unit could be what you need. Do you want your entire home to be air conditioned? Then a central air conditioner or heat pump would meet your requirements.

    Whether you choose a central, window- or wall-mounted conditioner or a heat pump, it is best to select ENERGY STAR certified energy efficient models which offer the best energy efficiency rating. These units or systems will help you consume less electricity, save money and preserve the environment.

    Take the time to gather all the information you need to learn about air conditioning before you make your choice. Here are a few helpful links: 

    Office of Energy Efficiency (OEE) Natural resources Canada:

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