Residential buildings sector

Between the late 1970s and the mid-1980s the residential sector underwent an energy transition with the widespread shift from oil furnaces to electric heating. In light of this, this sector will likely be the first to complete its energy transition with respect to petroleum products by 2030. 

2030 Vision

The residential sector will be supplied by renewable energy sources for virtually all of its energy needs. In addition, improving the energy performance of homes will have become part of an energy efficiency culture that is ingrained in the market.


  1. Standardize and regulate energy efficiency in the residential sector
  2. Review and optimize services provided to the residential sector
  3. Replace fossil fuels with renewable energies in the residential sector 
  4. Support innovation in the areas of energy efficiency and the production and use of renewable energies
  5. Structure the energy transition for the long term in the residential sector 


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