Raise awareness, promote and educate

Making the energy transition a must-have, a reflex, a habit, a way of thinking about its consumption, and this, for both citizens and businesses, is a major project.

To get Quebeckers to agree with this vision, we need to better understand their expectations, identify the most promising messages and know the reasons that motivate them to take action, or, on the contrary, prevent them from doing so. To get them on board, it is also important to make them aware of the solutions available to them.

2030 Vision

The culture of energy efficiency will be well ingrained in Québec, and its citizens, the Indigenous communities, municipalities, and businesses will naturally seize every opportunity to make the energy transition.


  1. Raise awareness of the energy transition
  2. Raise the awareness of citizens, municipalities, First Nations and companies about the importance of adopting behaviours that foster the energy transition
  3. Promote the energy transition among younger people


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