Transportation and mobility

In addition to the goal of meeting the energy efficiency and petroleum product reduction targets, the government is committed to boosting the energy transition and reversing unsustainable trends—an objective that is particularly relevant in the transportation sector.

A variety of programs and measures are proposed by the Gouvernement du Québec to support the electrification and decarbonization of the transportation of people (individual and collective) and goods. This stems from a good reason: the transportation sector accounts for about 42% of Québec’s GHG reduction potential in 2030. (Ref.: MELCC, Plan de mise en œuvre 2021-2026 du Plan pour une économie verte 2030, p. 26).

2030 Vision

Other governments will look to Québec for inspiration regarding innovative ideas in road transport. Québec will have mobilized all stakeholders to implement innovative solutions to modernize and decarbonize its people transportation system.

Technologies that reduce GHG emissions will be widely used in industry, energy consumption will have been optimized, and the decarbonization of road freight transportation will be well advanced. While improving the quality of life of Quebecers, Québec will fully contribute to meeting the GHG emission reduction targets.


  1. Use economic tools to better manage demand in the transportation sector 
  2. Step up the use of lower carbon footprint energy and use vehicles more efficiently
  3. Propose alternatives for solo driving
  4. Optimize supply chains for freight transportation and service delivery


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