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Here are the various conditions that must be met to participate in the Chauffez vert program.

Eligible participants

  • The Chauffez vert program is intended for owners (individuals or companies) of homes or residential buildings located within the territory of Quebec.
  • Representatives who are duly authorized to act on behalf of an owner may also participate in the owner’s name.
  • Owners may apply for each home they own.

If you are an owner of a commercial, institutional or industrial building, or a large residential building

If you are an owner of a commercial, institutional or industrial building, or a large residential building (multi-unit building with 4 or more storeys) and you wish to replace a fossil fuel heating system, consult the pages of the Chauffez vert CII program instead.

Dates on which work is carried out

To participate in the Chauffez vert program, you must make sure that you meet the program’s conditions and requirements BEFORE carrying out the work. Once the work is finished, you may submit your application for financial assistance.

- Work carried out on or after May 11, 2020

You have a period of 6 months following the date on which you carry out eligible work to apply for financial assistance from the Chauffez vert program.

Consult the Steps to follow page for details.

- Participation in Chauffez vert before May 11, 2020

Up until May 10, 2020, participants were required to register for the Chauffez vert program before beginning the work. If you registered for the Chauffez vert program before May 11, 2020, your registration is still valid.

  1. Wait to receive confirmation of your eligibility for Chauffez vert. The program administrator will notify you by e-mail or telephone, if you haven’t already received notification. If your file meets the eligibility conditions, you will receive the application form for financial assistance in the mail.
  2. Before carrying out the work, you will need to choose a new heating system and a contractor; read our useful tips on this topic if necessary.
  3. Once the work is finished (the fossil fuel system is dismantled, the tank has been removed and the new systems have been installed), fill out and return the financial application along with the required supporting documents (invoices for the purchase and installation of the new system).
  4. Once these documents have been received, provided they meet the conditions of the program, the financial assistance to which you are entitled will be paid to you by cheque.

Not sure if the work or equipment you are considering will be eligible for the financial assistance offered under the Chauffez vert program? Contact our customer service department if you have questions or want to opt instead for the Rénoclimat program.

Home eligibility conditions

The following types of homes are eligible:

  • single family homes (semi-detached, row, or mobile homes);
  • duplexes;
  • triplexes;
  • multi-unit residential buildings (with not more than 3 storeys above ground and a maximum surface area of 600 m²).

Other home-related conditions

The home must have the following features:

  • be supplied with electricity from Hydro-Québec’s main grid, a municipal or cooperative network (in cases of doubt, see the list of ineligible networks);
  • be habitable year round;
  • be located within the territory of Québec.

The home must also meet the following criteria:

  • have alternating current electrical service distributed throughout the home;
  • be supplied with drinking water either from the municipality or a private source;
  • be served by a municipal sewer system, a private septic system or a holding tank.


Participants will receive Chauffez vert financial assistance as long as they agree to do the following:

  • use a contractor that has the appropriate RBQ licences for the work; 
  • be aware that the work concerned by their application for financial assistance from the Chauffez vert program will not be eligible for other TEQ programs, including Rénoclimat;
  • allow a verification of the work to be performed at any time, starting from the date on which their application is received and during the twelve months after the financial assistance has been paid;
  • consent to share personal information required to process their application.

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