Green hydrogen and bioenergy

In addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing the resilience of the economy, the replacement of fossil fuels with green hydrogen or bioenergy, complementing energy efficiency and direct electrification, will help diversify and secure Québec’s energy supplies, improve the trade balance as well as transform and generate jobs in future-oriented fields. 

2030 Vision

As it continues its energy transition and takes advantage of its natural resources, Québec intends to increase the role of green hydrogen and bioenergy in its energy portfolio with a view to decarbonizing and strengthening its economy. 


  1. Develop production and distribution infrastructure 
  2. Increase use of green hydrogen and bioenergy 
  3. Improve knowledge and its dissemination 
  4. Develop innovative solutions and processes 
  5. Increase the engagement of public and private stakeholders in the development of green hydrogen and bioenergy sectors 
  6. Engage local and Indigenous communities in the development of the sectors   


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