The Home section of the Novoclimat program promotes the construction of new, high energy performance homes, according to specific construction requirements.

Are you planning to buy a new home? Insist that your construction professional build a Novoclimat certified home!


  • It is estimated that a new Novoclimat home enables its occupants to save 20% on energy costs in relation to a house that complies with the Québec Construction Code.   
  • A new Novoclimat home affords its occupants greater comfort and largely improves air quality inside the home.

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  • To be eligible for the Novoclimat program, the home must be built by a builder who has received training and obtained Novoclimat certification. You can consult the list of Novoclimat certified builders on the Bureau de normalisation du Québec Web Site.
  • Each home registered in the program is inspected by an independent evaluation consultant and receives government certification that confirms its superior energy performance.
  • The first owner also benefits from financial assistance.

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How to proceed

Step 1


Find a Novoclimat certified contractor in your area by consulting the BNQ Web Site or by contacting our customer service at 1-866-266-0008.

Step 2

Ask your contractor to include the Novoclimat requirements for the construction of your new home.

  • Your contractor is responsible for registering your home with the Novoclimat program, the compulsory inspections, and the application for certification.

  • An independent evaluation consultant mandated by TEQ will conduct the inspections to ensure that your home complies with all of the Novoclimat program requirements.

Step 3

Once your home has obtained Novoclimat certification, you will receive your certificate of compliance and a form to claim the financial assistance to which you are entitled.

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Novoclimat model houses

Some Novoclimat model houses, built by contractors of the Groupe Sélect Novoclimat, are available to visit. Consult the map!


When you sign the contract to purchase your home, make sure that it stipulates the Novoclimat option. Some contractors may have obtained Novoclimat certification but do not systematically offer this option when they build new homes.

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