The Novoclimat program provides financial assistance to encourage the construction of Novoclimat houses. Once the house is certified, the contractor and the first buyer of the house will receive the financial assistance to which they are entitled.

  • The buyer receives $2,000 in financial assistance.
  • First-time house buyers will receive an additional $2,000 in financial assistance, for a total of $4,000.
  • If an eligible heat pump is installed, the owner will receive additional financial assistance. The heat pump selected must appear on the list of heat pumps eligible for financial assistance.


Eligibility criteria

  • New single-family dwellings (detached or semi-detached houses, row houses), bi-generational and single-family housing with an adjacent dwelling are eligible for the Home section of the Novoclimat program.
  • Heating in the home must be mainly provided by electricity or residual forest biomass.
  • The home must be built by a builder who has received training and obtain Novoclimat certification from the BNQ.

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