Extraordinary improvements

Discover the temporary measures added to the Technoclimat Program throught December 31, 2020 (in French only).

  • The financial assistance granted once the project has been accepted may cover up to 50% of eligible expenses.
  • The maximum amount granted for a project is $3 million.
  • The total amount of financial assistance obtained in connection with the project from government departments and agencies (federal and provincial), energy distributors and Technoclimat must not exceed 75% of total eligible expenses.

To learn more about the amounts and the terms and conditions of the financial assistance, consult the program’s Normative Framework. (in French only). The content of the normative framework has legal value. It takes precedence over the content of pamphlets and other literature on the Technoclimat program.

Eligible expenditures

The following expenditures that are directly related to the project may be reimbursed:

  • wages and benefits, with no mark-up, of the applicant’s in-house staff or of partners working directly on the project;
  • intellectual property rights;
  • fees for professional services required for the project;
  • the cost or rental of material, equipment and supplies (1);
  • expenditures related to existing fixed assets where these represent surcharges;
  • travel and living expenses;
  • fees for professional services and costs related to project validation and auditing services as well as to financial audits of the project;
  • amortization expenses related to the use of the property during the project for new fixed assets whose cost is not eligible.

(1) For testing, only the cost difference between the new technology and the conventional technology it replaces is eligible, not the total acquisition cost, where applicable.

Note: Costs incurred by the applicant prior to the eligibility date of the expenditures established by Transition énergétique Québec are not eligible.

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