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The objective of Technoclimat is to encourage the development, in Québec, of technological innovation in the areas of energy efficiency, renewable energies, bioenergies and greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions by offering financial assistance to project promoters who wish to demonstrate the potential of a technological innovation.

It also promotes the testing in Québec of technologies that are either unavailable or not widely available on the Québec market.

Technoclimat is an energy and greenhouse gas emission reduction innovation support program.

What’s new?

Financial assistance for innovation in the green hydrogen industry

Starting on January 18, 2021, a $15 million envelope reserved for innovation in the hydrogen industry is available through the Technoclimat program. To find out whether your project is eligible, start by contacting one of our program managers.

Program Description

This program is funded by the Fonds vert and contribution from energy utilities.

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