Land use

Optimize land use and rethink the organization of towns and cities.

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Road transport

Use the “reduce-transfer-improve” approach to structure the objectives and proposed actions for the transport sector.

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Transport of people

Promote sustainable mobility and alternate means to replace solo driving.

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Freight transportation

Optimize the logistics chains and step up the use of low carbon footprint energy.

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Foster the competitiveness of companies by supporting their energy management, energy efficiency and energy management projects.

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Residential buildings sector

Promote the energy performance of residences and encourage the replacement of fossil fuels by renewable energies.

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Picture : Marc Cramer / Courtoisie des YMCA du Québec

Commercial and institutional buildings

Optimize the energy management and energy efficiency of buildings.

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Off-grid power systems

Reduce the consumption of petroleum products by improving the energy performance of buildings and increasing the use of renewable energies.

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Develop the bioenergy sectors in Québec and encourage the replacement of fossil fuels by bioenergies.

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Support energy innovation and maximize the impact of investments.

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