The increased use of bioenergies is essential if we are to meet both the petroleum product reduction targets set out in the 2030 Energy Policy as well as the GHG emission reduction targets set by the government. The first years of the Master Plan will serve to lay the groundwork required for the development of the various bioenergy sectors.

2030 Vision

Québec will have increased its bioenergy production by 50% compared to 2013. It will also have laid the necessary economic groundwork to produce and use bioenergy in the context of a strong bioeconomy in which regional spinoffs are maximized.

*Here, bioeconomy refers to an economy founded on the production of renewable biological resources and on their use to produce various value-added bioproducts.


  1. Devise a bioenergy development plan for Québec
  2. Continue, adapt and improve support measures to stimulate the various bioenergy chains
  3. Promote and increase bioenergy consumption


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